Vincenzo Pucarelli

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Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career

Feb, 2013

English Course

EC San Francisco  

6 Weeks English improvement course held by EC English in San Francisco where I scored Advanced

May, 2004

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Università Degli Studi Di Milano, Milan (MI), Italy  

At the end of the first cycle of studies, (I studied Computer Science in high school) I began the course of Computer Science at the University of Milan but after 2 years, at the end of the second academic year, I received an interesting offer from a company (Businet S.r.l.) and I preferred to learn something practical so I decided to work and study in the same time but after few weeks I found that was more useful for me to work instead of going to the university so I decided to stop the university for a while. At the university when I was attending the courses, I strengthened my background passing some important exams such Economy, English and Java.

Jun, 2002

Diploma Computer Studies

I.T.I.S. Ettore Molinari, Milan (MI), Italy  

During the 5 years of high school I was studying the things that I was dreaming when I was child. I have always wanted to study Computer Science and in 5 years, I learned the basics of programming languages, the paradigms of programming and object oriented programming in some basic languages such as C/C++ and Pascal and also a little bit of assembly. I also learned how to develop mid-complex algorithms, problem solving and advanced techniques. In 2002 I also won the Olympics programming challenge organized by my school against students of my and other schools.